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Power Consumption Monitoring Systems Using IoT Help to Identify Energy Saving Opportunities

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Many discussions about greenhouse emissions tend to revolve around transportation and manufacturing. But a huge proportion of energy used in the United States is used by buildings. In fact, buildings account for about 35% of electricity consumed and a similar portion of greenhouse emissions.

With energy costs rising and environmental concerns more pressing than ever, now is the time to ensure that your building is operating as efficiently as possible. A power consumption monitoring system using IoT allows you to identify energy-saving opportunities that reduce your carbon footprint and your costs.

Power Consumption Monitoring Using IoT Technology 

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are pieces of hardware that interact with applications to transmit data over the internet or a local network. These devices can provide invaluable data about energy consumption from every system in your building—data that is far more detailed, accurate, and up-to-date than utility meters alone. But they don’t paint the full picture. 

To realize the true potential of a power consumption monitoring system using IoT, devices must integrate with an intelligent building management platform (IBMP) that continuously analyzes real-time and historical building data.

An IBMP can:

check-mark-yellow-2 Identify how, when, and where energy is being consumed
check-mark-yellow-2 Identify areas of waste
check-mark-yellow-2 Predict energy use
check-mark-yellow-2 Track progress toward goals
check-mark-yellow-2 Recommend efficiency-focused solutions

These capabilities are essential to optimize efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. 

Turning Insight into Action Stats on power consumption monitoring systems using IoT.

Once you understand the way energy is consumed, you can take evidence-based action to optimize efficiency. This includes:

  • Correcting equipment faults
  • Refining setpoints
  • Implementing efficiency-focused automation, including demand-based strategies 

Your IBMP takes the guesswork out of optimization. The right platform helps you determine which strategies will have the greatest impact in your building and measures the effects of changes. It will also prepare for the future by predicting upcoming energy needs and allows you to take action as early as possible.

An IBMP with machine learning (ML) capabilities ensures that optimization is an ongoing process. Rather than developing a static strategy based on a single moment in time, an ML-driven platform continuously improves its understanding of your building to refine recommendations, predictions, and functions. The result is a dynamic approach that takes energy management to the next level.

Increase Energy Efficiency with Buildings IOT 

A power consumption monitoring system using IoT is a powerful tool with significant benefits for both the environment and your bottom line. An advanced IBMP, like onPoint, ensures you can reap those benefits as quickly as possible. But it also goes beyond monitoring power consumption.

onPoint offers:

check-mark-yellow-2 Continuous monitoring of all connected systems and devices
check-mark-yellow-2 Centralized command and control
check-mark-yellow-2 Machine learning capabilities
check-mark-yellow-2 Advanced fault detection and diagnostics
check-mark-yellow-2 Open protocol communication
check-mark-yellow-2 Customized reporting

onPoint unlocks the value of your data to improve operations, streamline maintenance, and enhance the occupant experience. From uncovering hidden waste to empowering efficiency-focused automation to improving comfort, this cutting-edge platform opens up extraordinary opportunities for your portfolio.

Buildings IOT offers the services and products you need to create a state-of-the-art power consumption monitoring system using IoT. Contact our team of experts to learn more about what we can do for you.



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