Your buildings can do more for you.

We take a whole-building approach to cost reduction for owners, operators and occupants dealing with increasing energy & maintenance fees.

We deliver this primarily through onPoint, our complete package for managing building operations.

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Smart buildings don't just come from one decision made at the beginning of a project -
they're made continuously over time by teams from construction to operations.

Smart buildings come alive through thoughtful designs and meaningful integrations and
they're backed by data that is reliable, informative and useful.

Buildings IOT delivers smart buildings that live up to these promises.

Data driven solutions for building automation systems offer intuitive control, seamless integration and measurable results

onPoint Intelligent Building Management

onPoint is an enterprise intelligent building management platform that allows you to go beyond fault detection and diagnostics with command and control functionality at the site level. With onPoint, you can find, track and fix the problems that make your buildings less efficient, less comfortable, or less healthy than they should be.


Technology-enabled service for single-pane-of-glass building management systems, DDC controls, cybersecurity and maintenance


Master systems integration

Using the latest technologies for smart building management, Buildings IOT brings systems - like HVAC, lighting, plumbing and access control - and networks together to share data, improve operations and create smarter, healthier buildings. 

Building systems contractor

Working from decades of experience with all building systems, we design, install and support commissioning for projects big and small. Specializing in HVAC, lighting, metering and access control systems, we thrive in construction environments and bring refreshing attention to detail to every DDC controls project.


IT and OT cybersecurity

With in-house IT expertise, Buildings IOT secures networks for all IoT devices, from desktops and phones to air handlers and light fixtures. If it connects with an ethernet cable, it needs to be tested, vetted and secured. We can help. 

Maintenance services

With a dedicated focus on keeping your facilities running at their maximum efficiency, we provide proactive repairs and data-driven maintenance to building owners and portfolio managers across the country. 


onPoint has proven invaluable to our team as we work to deliver data-driven service to our clients, especially the University of Melbourne for the custom reports we have developed with Buildings IOT to track maintenance and operation of their unique energy plants.

Lino Mariani
Engineering Services at Controltech Building Technologies

We've been working with Buildings IOT for years now and we keep building on our relationship because we're achieving great results together. With an extensive portfolio of mall properties that spans the nation, Brookfield Properties Retail, together with Buildings IOT, is making a big impact on energy savings and operational efficiencies across our enterprise.

Jeff Nash
Brookfield Properties Retail

Buildings IOT gets my award for the unsung hero. I could talk for an hour or more on their capabilities. It comes down to the importance of being able to measure in order to manage what you have to ensure efficiency. Their solution is near perfect and it is a key enabler to the efficiency and ongoing optimization we achieve.

Paul Vaccaro
Formerly of STACK Infrastructure Data Centers

HVAC controls were fully tested in under 8 hours and only had two issues, one of which was corrected and closed at that time. This was the least amount of issues I've ever seen for HVAC controls. Almost everything was working as expected and the graphics exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with OTI's accuracy and attention to detail and will use them as a litmus test to compare future BAS contractors.

Jeff Mikkelsen
Commissioning agent for Enovity

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