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Adaptive Buildings, Intelligent Future: Explore Buildings IOT's Vision

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Buildings IOT is the world’s leading adaptive buildings company, turning data into actions that are tailored to the needs, constraints and opportunities of properties and portfolios.

We improve the operational performance and reduce the environmental impact of buildings because we understand deeply how they work, and we’ve built that expertise into every facet of our products and services.

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Where we've been

We began in 1958 when building controls were mostly pneumatic and relegated to silos. We pioneered Direct Digital Controls throughout the 90s and early 2000s. As enabling technologies made their way into buildings, we began our work as Master Systems Integrators.

You may have known our analytics team as Kodaro or our controls contracting and MSI teams as OTI, but today we are one Buildings IOT. For property owners and operators managing hundreds of millions of square feet, we are forward-thinking partners dedicated to designing, developing, installing and supporting technology-enabled solutions for smart buildings around the world.

Buildings IOT Leadership


Brian Turner

Chief Executive Officer
Rob Vandenberg

Rob Vandenberg

Chief Technology Officer
Jon Schoenfeld-1

Jon Schoenfeld

Senior Vice President Building Science
Bridget Davies

Bridget Davies

Chief Administrative Officer
Natalie Patton

Natalie Patton

Vice President Customer Success & Marketing
Ian McFarlandIan M

Ian P. McFarland

Senior Vice President of Sales
Ben Bradford

Ben Bradford

Head of Product
Clint Bradford

Clint Bradford

President, General Manager

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