A smart building management platform as it should be.

Manage your entire real estate portfolio operations from anywhere with the most comprehensive and intelligent building management platform. Improve operational efficiencies with machine learning and cutting-edge intelligence. Contribute to environmental initiatives that support corporate responsibility efforts. And gain never-before-seen energy reduction and cost savings with onPoint.

How can onPoint help your real estate portfolio?

Whether your goal is to make operations more efficient, improve occupant satisfaction, extend capital expense budgets, support environmental initiatives, or any combination of these, onPoint's solution can help you achieve your objectives all from a single platform. 

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Achieve operational greatness

Smart building and IoT technologies are making it possible to achieve operational efficiencies like never before. Monitor your building systems with ease. Access real-time reporting with a new layer of confidence. And control schedules, setpoints, and equipment for comprehensive operational management from anywhere. With onPoint, maximize productivity and streamline fault detection and diagnostics from a single platform.

Champion occupant satisfaction

Leverage intelligent predictive maintenance to improve comfort and stay ahead of emergency work orders that contribute to occupant dissatisfaction. Adapt to the growing demand for value-added facility services by relying on data-driven routine maintenance that allows you to optimize your time and devote more of it to the services that differentiate your properties.

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Discover cost savings opportunities

Use the power of consolidated data to uncover savings opportunities that spreadsheets alone cannot achieve. Leverage machine learning and comprehensive system integration from a single cloud-based platform to reduce energy consumption, extend the life of equipment, and optimize labor costs across your entire portfolio.

onPoint's most popular features and benefits.


Command & Control

Command and control large commercial building systems including HVAC, lighting, and access control. Manage schedules, setpoints, and equipment across your entire real estate portfolio. Eliminate the need to navigate between systems and maximize productivity at scale.

Data Monitoring

Building Data Monitoring

Continuously monitor sensor data from energy, water, and gas meters. Track occupancy sensor metrics in real-time. And implement environmental monitoring. Leverage building data and machine learning to optimize operational efficiencies at every level of your portfolio.


Insights & Reports

Discover new opportunities that reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance the occupant experience. Reduce guesswork and streamline resolutions with useful insights and reports to quickly and proactively detect and diagnose faults.


Automation & Work Requests

Accurately and efficiently address building issues with automation. Monitor resolution and share Insights with engineers and vendors through work requests. Manage solutions from a single, powerful platform across your entire real estate portfolio.


CMMS, CRM, & BI Tool Integration

Share reports, Insights, and building data with stakeholders across your organization. Reduce operational silos and improve interdepartmental transparency and communications. Ensure alignment with organizational objectives and monitor key results.

Learn more about onPoint's features

onPoint's high-availability solution is continuously evolving with new and exciting features and updates to accommodate the rapidly changing needs of smart building portfolios. Speak with one of our smart building experts to see what's new to the platform and experience a world where the capabilities of smart buildings surpass expectations.

Security you can count on.

Powered by IOT Jetstream and Okta, onPoint leverages the most up-to-date and thorough cybersecurity measures to ensure security and provide peace of mind. 


Identity Protection


Single Sign On (SSO)


Multi-factor Authentication

onPoint solutions support wherever your smart building management needs take you. 

Choose the onPoint that works best for your unique needs and goals. Not sure which one is best for you? Our smart building experts would be happy to help you decide the right onPoint.

The top smart building management platform trusted by:


"We've been working with Buildings IOT for years now, and we keep building on our relationship because we're achieving great results."

Jeff Nash, Brookfield Properties Retail


"The advanced analytics capabilities inherent in Buildings IOT's solution allows us to easily view building health holistically and make modifications as needed, increasing our tenants' comfort and better serving their needs while also conserving energy and expanding the lifespan of our equipment assets."

Peter McEneaney, Thor Equities

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