IOT Jetstream

Smart building integration platform to pioneer digital readiness with ease.

Streamline innovation for the built environment and rapidly onboard new technologies to connect building systems, applications, and data.

What is IOT Jetstream?

IOT Jetstream is a smart building integration platform that empowers the delivery of innovative solutions for the built environment with a developer-friendly API. Bring cloud and on-premises building systems, equipment, and applications together with a unifying data model. Unlock building data, enable interoperability, and reduce the amount of time it takes to gain insights into building operations. And streamline innovation and eliminate development redundancies all with IOT Jetstream.


Streamline innovation

With IOT Jetstream, developers no longer must understand the building automation industry to deliver innovative solutions to the built environment. Minimize the complexity of solution development and streamline technology advancement to transform the built environment. Reduce the time and resources needed to learn the intricacies of data standardization, normalization, API development, and relationship modeling. IOT Jetstream gives you the ability to spend your time focusing on your core offering.

Achieve digital-building readiness

Improve efficiency, manage cybersecurity risk, and find avenues for modernization and monetization with digital-building readiness. Confidently onboard innovative technologies into your building's technology stack with built-in ontology standardization and speed-to-market data and relationship models. With IOT Jetstream, building owners and real estate investors future-proof their assets to easily address the evolving needs of their properties, occupants, and communities.


Empower interoperability

Leverage building data integrations to empower interoperability between building systems, equipment, and applications. Enable data to flow both into and out of systems to gain comprehensive visibility of devices and their relationships to each other. IOT Jetstream provides the foundation for command-and-control capabilities and interoperability between user interfaces (UI), building systems, and equipment.

IOT Jetstream's most popular features and capabilities.

Digital twin

Digital Twin

Digitally monitor and interact with every level of a real estate portfolio's operations with IOT Jetstream. Access information about portfolio performance or dive into the relationships of specific equipment and sensors to gain live insights.

Relationship Model

Relationship Model

Gain insights into the interoperability of building systems, devices, and applications to deliver truly smart building solutions. With IOT Jetstream's relationship model standards, define and manage connections between data sets to drive data-driven solutions.

Read Write

Command & Control

Command and control systems and equipment from connected user interfaces with write access. IOT Jetstream supports both read and write events including command and control of OT equipment.


COV Subscription & Historical Data Transfers

Push data through Change-of-Value (COV) with COV subscriptions to implement real-time control of systems. Leverage systematic historical data transfers to gain an increasingly better and holistic view of your data and power machine learning capabilities to make smarter, more data-driven decisions.


Standardized Data Model

Quickly implement innovative technologies regardless of communication protocol or data modeling standard. With IOT Jetstream, cut time spent on aligning variations between naming standards with a singular data standardization  model.

Permission Management

Control read and write access to portfolios, buildings, tenant spaces, and equipment. IOT Jetstream provides a robust permission management system to ensure the right people have the right access to your assets.

Security you can count on.

IOT Jetstream safeguards your data across every layer of your technology stack to provide unrivaled security from cloud to edge. Leverage user access control and authentication, encryptions, and other industry-leading security measures to protect your data and mitigate risks.


User Authentication




JSON Web Tokens

Integrate what matters most - even if it's everything.

IOT Jetstream's packages are configured to help you connect only the systems you need to acheive your smart building integration objectives. Not sure which package is right for you? Our smart building experts are dedicated to guide you through the decision process and help you make the right choice for your smart building integration needs.


Integrate the most commonly used building systems and sensors to allow for unified visibility into building operations.

  • HVAC, lighting, and metering system connections
  • Indoor air quality integration
  • API access
  • 1-hour history updates

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Leverage faster historical data transfers and Change of Value (COV) subscriptions to enable command and control capabilities.

  • Everything in starter
  • Elevator system connections
  • Occupancy sensor integration
  • 15-minute history updates
  • COV subscriptions

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Facilitate a truly intelligent building with comprehensive integration of building systems and IoT cloud devices.

  • Everything in professional
  • Access control connections
  • Electrical distribution connections
  • Work order management
  • Smart restroom integration
  • 2-minute history updates

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Frequently asked questions.

Why do I need IOT Jetstream? Can't I just have a front-end without middleware?

Middleware is necessary to translate and normalize data among disparate systems from different manufacturers and/or with different naming conventions. Without a unified data model, interoperability is not practical, users need separate management systems, databases and reporting systems. IOT Jetstream supplies a translation engine regardless of the protocol, data model standard or connection.

When data is normalized, it is used to enable operational efficiency such as energy reduction, consistent reporting and accounting, and integration of applications for environmental improvements such as IAQ. IOT Jetstream abstracts the complexity with a domain-centric (building domain) API.

With IOT Jetstream, you can put any front-end in front of your data and still have a rich, living model of your building.

How quickly can new IOT Jetstream connectors be created for APIs that aren't currently supported?
This is highly dependent on the quality of the API we are integrating. Prior to committing to a new connector, our experts complete a thorough technical review of the proposed API. This process identifies any red flags or areas where the API may fall short on a variety of criteria.
Is IOT Jetstream a database? Does it store data?
IOT Jetstream does store some data, but not all. From a data perspective, IOT Jetstream stores what is necessary and allows the source of truth for building system data to remain in the system where the collection occurs. Spatial data, such as buildings, rooms, floors, and zones, are stored in IOT Jetstream. It also stores equipment and device data. The platform does not store point data, however, it leverages the information necessary to retrieve it. IOT Jetstream does not store OEM IoT device data nor does it store relationships between entities.
How do we add new domains into IOT Jetstream and the OAP?
All data modeling begins in the Ontology Alignment Project (OAP). We check to see if any ontologies have modeled the system in question before and if they have, we leverage their model. If not, we develop a model and add it to the OAP for everyone to use. Once a data model exists in the OAP, IOT Jetstream is enhanced to make that new entity exist within the IOT Jetstream API.
What are the benefits of IOT Jetstream?
There are so many benefits to IOT Jetstream. For one, it leverages a developer-friendly API that makes it easy to use, even if you're not a smart building expert. IOT Jetstream leverages a connector framework to unite distributed and disparate systems and brings all of this data into one place. This enables users to have a single login for each system. Another benefit of IOT Jetstream is that it leverages the OAP, and open-source and public data and relationships model that enables scalability and rapid deployment of new technologies. Lastly, IOT Jetstream is built upon industry-leading security best practices.

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IOT Jetstream success stories.


"Buildings IOT comes with a wealth of understanding of buildings that is hard to replicate. If you're looking for a solution from the experts, absolutely go there."

Rob Brimblecombe, Monash University

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