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Learn what it takes for universities to meet climate impact goals and where it makes the most sense to begin that journey.

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Higher Education Campuses Leading the Way for Global Sustainability

Let's imagine a world where higher education campuses lead the way for global sustainability by leveraging cutting-edge building technologies that optimize campus efficiency.

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What are your campus sustainability challenges?

As a leading educational institution that plays an integral role in shaping the future, all eyes are on you to set course to a more sustainable future. The complexities and contradictions of an extensive built environment are on full display throughout your campus. With a deep understanding of the challenges between you and success, you can design a strategy that empowers built environment stakeholders to champion your sustainability program.

The most common campus sustainability challenges? Data integration across varying building systems and technology, data governance and quality, data accessibility and useability for various stakeholders, and change management strategy. Learn more about each and how a modern solutionlike that from Buildings IOTcan help shape a data-driven campus sustainability program.

Data integration

Connect data from disparate building systems and IoT devices and deliver it to a single source of truth, anytime, anywhere.

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Data integration
Data Governance

Data governance

Create an operations-ready data foundation with data and relationship modeling that normalizes data for real-world application.

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Accessibility and usability

Access and control building data in real-time so your teams can capture, track, and take action.

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Change management

Change management

Plan and execute a phasing strategy to ensure completion and success while achieving small wins in the process.

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How can a phased approach help?

Because there is always a change management component to any new process or system, a phased approach to building system data integration will allow you to bring your interdepartmental colleagues along incrementally while achieving small wins in the process.

Some phasing strategies could include: an initial focus on meter data to solve specific problems of data quality and tenant billing, then using that meter data to benchmark buildings by consumption. That consumption analysis could then inform site selection for more detailed integration to HVAC system data and in turn support capital funding requests for more involved retrofit projects.

The technology behind campus sustainability.

IOT Jetstream is the industry's most advanced independent data layer that enables higher education institutions to experience the benefits of integrated and normalized data in a unified platform that makes all built environment data-spanning building systems, equipment, sensors, relationships, and weather data-available for management and data analytics via a singular GraphQL API.

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