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Our growing library of facility management resources was created by Buildings IOT experts to talk about the issues that matter most. Let’s start a conversation.

Demos: Walkthroughs for Better Use

Want to know more about onPoint? Our demos offer live walkthroughs of the user interface through the perspective of different users, including facility managers and energy managers. You’ll get a closer look at features like filtering, mobile options, how to make customized reports, and how to use Insights. Demos are great ways to see how your system works in real time, in real situations, run by experts who know buildings.

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Case Studies: How Facility Management Tech Works In the Real World

Case studies are data-rich insights into how our facility management technology and services work in the real world. Whether you are looking for examples of office buildings, data centers, campuses, malls, or public sector buildings, our case studies let you see how technology comes to life and produces meaningful results.

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The Buildings IOT Blog: A Growing Body of Facility Management Resources

Building management is an ever-evolving field. Our blog takes the latest topics, the newest technology, and the more important trends to help you understand the world around us. Updated weekly, the Buildings IOT blog is written by in-house experts who share their knowledge and offer industry insights.

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Training: Multi-Day Classes to Become SkySpark Experts

Whether you want to get introduced to SkySpark or become an advanced-level user, our course is the right place for you. Taught by a SkySpark expert, we offer a 2-day introduction or 3-day advanced course that lets you learn from home. Get up to speed on the languages that matter most.

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Creating Intelligent & Integrated Building Automation Systems: The Ultimate Guide

Automation has been transforming buildings for over a century, but it wasn’t until the introduction of smart technologies and advanced analytics that the benefits of automation were fully realized. Our complete guide to automation shows you how buildings can boost ROI through strategic automation, using the latest advances in the field.

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The Ultimate Guide to Energy Efficiency and Savings for Commercial Buildings

Our Ultimate Guide to Energy Efficiency shows you how intelligent automation, data-driven maintenance, and broad-spectrum monitoring can help you reduce energy consumption and improve building performance without sacrificing occupant comfort.

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The Cybersecurity Center

Our Cybersecurity Center is a dynamic living hub that covers all aspects of building cybersecurity. From white papers to overviews to policy papers, we give you the information that matters to help you protect your buildings.

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Smart Building Systems and Construction: A Use Case for MSI

Master systems integration is how building systems come together. Our MSI use case section shows what a quality MSI does, the value they bring to a project, and how they make buildings work better.

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Buildings IOT gives you the facilities management resources you need to create smarter, healthier, and more efficient buildings.