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Commercial Real Estate

Transform Your Commercial Real Estate Operations

Discover the Power of Interoperable Building Data

In the competitive world of commercial real estate, efficiency, tenant satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness are critical. With onPoint, you can transcend the limitations of traditional Building Management Systems (BMS) and harness the full potential of your building data. Discover how our advanced solutions transform your properties into adaptive buildings, optimized for peak performance and tenant comfort.

How it works

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Why Choose onPoint for Your Commercial Real Estate?

  • Real-Time and Historic Data: Access comprehensive data across hundreds of systems and thousands of pieces of equipment. Identify and resolve issues before they impact your operations.
  • Scalable and Configurable: Our user-defined system scales with your portfolio, providing tailored solutions that evolve with your needs.

Enhanced Occupant Comfort

Comfort Optimization: Automatically identify and address areas where comfort standards are not met.

Tenant Satisfaction: Increase tenant satisfaction, retention, & property value with optimal comfort conditions.

Energy and Carbon Reduction

Sustainable Practices: Use advanced analytics to identify inefficiencies and recommend steps to reduce consumption.

Regulatory Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements and reduce environmental impact effortlessly.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Proactive Solutions: onPoint aggregates and normalizes data to identify issues early, reducing labor costs and extending equipment lifespan.

Improved Operations: Achieve smoother building operations and enhance tenant experience.

Automated Demand Management

Smart Savings: Reduce energy costs and demand charges with our machine-learning-driven demand management solutions.

Seamless Integration: Enroll equipment in load-shed programs, monitor performance, and track savings with ease.

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Seamless Integration and Data Accessibility

Efficient inventory preservation:

  • API Connectivity: Utilize our GraphQL API for a unified, standardized source of building data. Make informed decisions with data that’s consistent across your portfolio.
  • Interoperability: Integrate data from various systems and equipment seamlessly, ensuring comprehensive visibility and control.

Key Features Tailored for Commercial Real Estate

Fault detection and diagnostics

  • Minimize Disruptions: Reduce downtime and maintenance costs with automatic fault detection and diagnostics.

  • Historical Analysis: Dive into historical data to understand and resolve recurring issues effectively.

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Advanced Dashboard and Charting

  • Visualize Your Data: Customize your dashboard with real-time and historical data widgets. Make informed decisions faster.

  • Root-Cause Analysis: Conduct thorough analysis to identify and address the underlying causes of issues.

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Efficient Work Order Management

  • Streamlined Operations: Turn faults into work requests with just two clicks. Speed up the resolution process with automated diagnostics.

  • Priority Management: Prioritize and document resolution efforts, ensuring efficient use of resources.


Comprehensive Energy and Operations Reporting

  • Energy Savings: Identify areas to reduce energy consumption and costs. Automate reporting to comply with regulations.

  • Tenant Billing: Provide accurate, normalized data for tenant billing applications, enhancing transparency and trust.

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Are you ready experience the future of commercial real estate management?

Discover how onPoint can transform your commercial real estate operations. Experience unparalleled efficiency, tenant satisfaction, and cost savings.

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