Single point of control,
exponential savings.

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Real-time and historic data together with optimization algorithms

Buildings IOT and Exergenics offer an industry-leading package of live data and central plant optimization for significant reduction in plant operations costs with no interruption to workflow.

It’s a recipe for fast and ongoing savings that focuses directly on a single system with outsized impact. Using Buildings IOT’s data acquisition and normalization engine, along with Exergenics’ light-touch, high-impact algorithm, central plants are seeing more than 20% reduction in operational costs in six months or less.

How it works


How to Apply?

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Save on expenses without huge capital costs

Optimize equipment you already have by using cutting edge technology in a limited capacity, so you’re reaping the rewards without taking on the risk.

Technology for all your digital transformation use cases



IOT Jetstream

Integrated data layer for secure access to normalized building data across systems. Built on a GraphQL API, IOT Jetstream powers the onPoint UI for scalable deployment across portfolios of any size. For developers, all data is available in IOT Jetstream to connect and display in third party applications with no extra fees and very little coding required.



Fully integrated user interface for portfolio and building management. Complete with configurable dashboards to track resolutions on your highest priority issues, plus save-able charts to send to contractors and work requests for interaction and management of service providers.


move toward a predictive or preventive maintenance model instead of a breakfix or scheduled maintenance model.

Tech-enabled digital services

Industry-leading training and support services come standard with all Buildings IOT solutions. For those who need an extra set of eyes and more proactive implementation and management support, we’re here for that too.

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