Building Analytics for Service Contractors


Better than "fix it when it breaks"

Building owners are asking for more out of their service contractors. Now is the time to be proactive about comfort, equipment up-time and overall efficiency in operations. 

onPoint is a transformative technology that helps you adapt to the new challenges you're facing and client budget squeeze and calls to prove your value increase.

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How partnering to deploy analytics can benefit your mechanical service business:



Deliver proactive maintenance

onPoint helps you prioritize areas for service before they negatively impact your customer.


Report and validate your work

onPoint reports let you track and validate the work you've completed. Reports can be emailed on a set schedule to anyone you'd like.


Continuous commissioning

onPoint analytics enable service contractors to provide continuous commissioning to their clients without hiring outside expertise.


Flexibility to scale

onPoint can be completely configured to meet your needs. Unlike black-box analytics solutions, onPoint is customizable and can expand as you do.

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