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Shayne Taker

Shayne Taker, Director of Sales at Buildings IOT, leads business development and sales for strategic accounts at Buildings IOT. Shayne is a former student athlete and professional hockey player who transitioned his competitiveness from hockey to intelligent buildings. Prior to joining Buildings IOT, he engineered, designed, and integrated cannabis cultivation facilities across Canada and Southeast Europe, developing a deep understanding of the cultivation center’s form, function, and flow. Shayne began his smart building career designing complex, smart building backbones in commercial facilities and ensured the systems network design and availability met specification including an award-winning facility in Washington D.C.

3 Key Building Management System Standards for Easy Integration

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Shayne Taker

Smart technologies are changing building management system standards. The days of building managers and maintenance teams simply monitoring operations and reacting to problems are over. Today, optimizing operations, providing the best occupant experiences, meeting efficiency goals, and remaining profitable requires that building systems work together seamlessly.

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