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Top Elements of Your Smart Building Ecosystem

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Shayne Taker

A smart building is a dynamic entity with interconnected components constantly communicating with each other, sharing data, and responding to real-time and anticipated needs. Each smart building ecosystem can be tailored to specific users and unique goals, but there are some key components all successful smart buildings share. Understanding the role of these components and the benefits they provide can help you choose the right technologies for your building.   

4 Top Elements of Smart Building Ecosystem

By incorporating the right components, you can take building monitoring, control, and automation to the next level. The following are some of the key elements of a smart building ecosystem:

1. IoT Sensors and Devices

IoT sensors and devices are essential in any smart building. Through continuous monitoring of building conditions, events, and performance, network-connected sensors and devices gain invaluable insights about your building and the needs of occupants. Whether your goal is improving comfort, enhancing efficiency, or streamlining maintenance, it starts with IoT sensors and devices.      

2. Integration

A smart building ecosystem must be unified. Integrating building systems, sensors, devices, and cloud-based software ensures that all components can communicate with each other seamlessly and act as a cohesive whole. Instead of being limited by siloed systems, an integrated building allows you to unleash the potential of your building and expand your capabilities.

3. Secure Connectivity

Robust security allows you to reap the benefits of increased connectivity without creating new vulnerabilities. Today, you have a range of connectivity options to choose from, including on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid systems. Which is right for your building depends on the needs of its occupants. However, forward-thinking building owners, facility managers, and building managers are increasingly seeking out cloud-based options to improve flexibility, reliability, and security while minimizing upfront costs.    

4. Smart Building Platform

A smart building platform with robust analytics and machine learning capabilities is the heart of a truly intelligent building. By analyzing historical and real-time data from all connected equipment and devices, a smart building platform allows you to:


Implement smart automation strategies


Optimize energy efficiency


Streamline maintenance


Track KPIs 

It also gives you deep visibility into how your building and its components function so you can make better decisions, whether you’re correcting malfunctioning equipment or reevaluating building design. With a mobile-first interface, this platform gives you centralized command and control that you can access from anywhere.      

Making Smart Buildings Simple

A well-designed smart building ecosystem can transform your building. From increasing comfort and convenience to reducing costs and eliminating waste, the right technology empowers you to achieve your goals. A smart buildings expert makes it easy.  

Buildings IOT offers end-to-end services to ensure your smart building is a success. Whether you are in the earliest stages of design or retrofitting an existing structure, we have the knowledge and tools you need every step of the way. These include:

  • Master Systems Integration (MSI): From initial design to software development to installation, our MSI teams create custom solutions to unify building systems and add smart capabilities. 

  • onPoint: Our mobile-first smart building management platform makes your building data work for you. From implementing automation strategies and predicting future building to prioritizing work orders and creating custom reports, onPoint offers extraordinary capabilities and insight.

  • IOT Jetstream: Jetstream is a powerful integration engine that allows building equipment, IoT devices, and cloud-based applications to communicate seamlessly. 

Unsure of what you need? We will work with you to identify your needs and explore your options. Together, we can make the most out of your assets and realize your vision.     

Buildings IOT offers the tools and services you need to create a cutting-edge smart building ecosystem. Contact our team of experts to learn more about what we can do for you.



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