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HVAC. Lighting. Access Control. It’s tempting to think that all the complex systems that make up a building will come together as a whole during the construction process. But without well-planned systems integration and future-focused technologies, that doesn’t happen, and your options to optimize performance and efficiency throughout the life of your building become limited.

That’s where a master systems integrator (MSI) comes in.

At Buildings IOT, we’re experts in unifying building systems and adding smart technologies to give you deeper insight, more advanced automation capabilities, and opportunities for better facilities management. Our industry-leading master systems integration team can create the solutions you need to harness the potential of your building at any stage.

The Buildings IOT Difference

  • Honest feedback. We’re transparent about what will and won’t work in your building.
  • Long-term commitment. We’re here to make sure things go right, today and tomorrow.
  • Future-focused. We design systems that can keep up as technology evolves.
  • Record of success. We’ve been there, so we can be there for you.
  • Dedicated team of experts. From design to software development to installation, our specialized all-in-one teams are the best in the industry.

What Are the Benefits of a Master Systems Integrator?

Buildings are constantly producing data. From HVAC to lighting systems to occupancy sensors, building systems and equipment generate massive amounts of data with the potential to transform how your building performs. Without systems integration, the true value of that data is wasted, and it is difficult to operate the building in the most effective way.

A master systems integrator can create smart building management systems that transform data into actionable insight. Using state-of-the-art tech stacks that include a powerful integration engine and intelligent analytics, Buildings IOT gets your data out of siloed systems and gives you single-pane-of-glass control so that you can truly optimize performance and maximize efficiencies.



We connect building systems to enable data flow, storage, and intelligent analysis across multiple systems and over long periods of time.



We offer precise ways to manage, monitor, and maintain all building systems over the long term, with a deeply data-driven approach.



We help building owners and operators navigate new choices and change management.

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Any System. Any API. Any Time.

We speak your language.

We’re device-agnostic, specialize in open protocols, and have experience integrating all protocols, building systems, and controls. That means we can work with what you have and offer expert suggestions based on your needs. This approach also allows us to create cloud-based solutions that include secure API connections to and from third-party applications.

Open protocols mean endless possibilities.

When to Work With a Master System Integrator

The best time to work with a master systems integrator is when you are drawing up building plans. The second best time is right now.

Bringing in an MSI during the design phase helps you identify all problems and possibilities in your plans. At Buildings IOT, we have the digital consulting experience to understand how the earliest design decisions will impact a building for years to come. We know what it takes to achieve your goals and can keep all stakeholders on the same page to ensure the right technologies are installed in the right places. The partnership with an MSI is a long-term relationship that lasts throughout the project life cycle and well beyond.

But it’s never too late to work with an MSI. Even in properties with legacy systems, we can help you see the big picture and create a better, more efficient building.

The Right Partner for Building Systems Integration

Not all master systems integrators are the same. You want a partner who does more than look at the systems. You want someone who understands all your goals and creates a plan to get there using the best tools available.

What does this look like?


Deep domain expertise. Every building is different. You want an MSI who understands how building systems operate, what kind of data they are producing, and what owners want to achieve. That gives them the power to get the data out of the system and into a format that can be analyzed and understood.


Communication. An MSI needs to be able to communicate with all stakeholders, including contractors, with the owner’s ideas in mind. Open dialogue and strong collaboration across teams are essential to project success.


Experience. There’s no one blueprint for building systems integration. Every project has different problems and personalities. Experience gives an MSI the ability to navigate these challenges and create a plan that works.


Understanding of limitations. Integration is critical to creating high-performance buildings, but some things should not be integrated. An MSI must have the knowledge and experience to know which data is valuable and how to create pragmatic solutions.

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Trust Your Building to People Who Know Buildings

At Buildings IOT, buildings are in our DNA.

Our roots are in building controls and automation and we have worked with every integration device and protocol in the industry. We understand how buildings operate, what owners want to get out of their assets, and how to realize those visions.

Our team provides every service needed for successful integration and smart building management under one roof. From cutting-edge software development to expert cloud integration to on-site deployment of building automation systems, our streamlined approach ensures we can provide everything a building needs.