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Strengthen Your Plant Monitoring System Using IOT

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According to the 2022 U.S. Cannabis Report, cannabis sale in the country is expected to generate revenue worth $57 billion by 2030. To stay ahead of the game and meet rising demand, forward-thinking cannabis growers are deploying smart technologies that optimize operations. Strengthening your plant monitoring system using IoT and an intelligent building management platform is an excellent way to support plant health and stake your claim in a rapidly evolving industry.    

Key Features of a Cannabis Plant Monitoring System 

A smart cannabis plant monitoring system must be equipped to assess a variety of conditions that affect plant health and yield, such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, irrigation, and soil moisture. At minimum, the system should include the following equipment and features:

  • Base Units: The base units of the monitoring system record inputs on various conditions. Depending on the size of the building, the base units of the monitoring system vary.    
  • Sensors: In a hard-wired monitoring system, sensors are connected to base units through wires. A wireless monitoring system uses in-built radio transmitters to communicate between sensors and the base units.
  • Notifications: The monitoring system should send notifications to stakeholders if any variables fall out of spec.   
  • Data logging: The data logs provided by monitoring systems are critical for identifying trends in environmental conditions and equipment performance.  
  • Programming and status check: A monitoring system should deliver real-time status of all monitored conditions on demand.

While these basics are a good start, smart technologies let you take your plant monitoring system to the next level.

The Benefits of a Plant Monitoring System Using IoT

Integrating IoT and an intelligent building management platform (IBMP) into your monitoring system unlocks new capabilities.


Better Climate Control

IoT sensors and smart controllers are instrumental in optimizing indoor grow environments. Sensor data can help you determine ideal locations and settings for air circulation, ventilation, and heating across zones. It can also drive smart automation strategies to maintain optimal conditions at all times.

For example:

  • Automating exhaust systems according to current or anticipated conditions ensures sufficient ventilation
  • Automating HVAC functions according to air quality sensor data protects plant health
  • Automating lighting based on plant age and health optimizes quality and yield while preventing excessive heating

A plant monitoring system using IoT gives you the insight and capabilities you need to control climate effectively and efficiently, whether you’re on site or monitoring remotely


Predictive Maintenance

Proper maintenance of cannabis facilities is critical to create a healthy plant environment. Plant monitoring systems using IoT and an IBMP allows you to take a proactive approach to maintenance. An advanced IBMP continuously mines sensor data to identify or predict anomalies and suggests remedies, allowing you to take corrective action as early as possible. This minimizes the risk of unplanned downtime and suboptimal equipment performance that could negatively impact crop growth.


Greater Energy Efficiency

Cannabis cultivation is highly energy-intensive with the specific HVAC and lighting requirements needed to create ideal grow conditions. Strengthening a plant monitoring system with smart technologies helps you manage energy usage and identify opportunities for improvement. An IBMP can also forecast future energy needs so you can plan ahead and reduce consumption without compromising plant growth.


Pest Management 

An intelligent plant monitoring system can discourage pests by maintaining ideal environmental conditions.

Strengthening your plant monitoring system using IoT and an IBMP can streamline operations, improve performance, reduce costs, and support the success of your business.

The Best IBMP for Cannabis Facilities

The success of your plant monitoring system is highly dependent on the capabilities of your IBMP. A powerful platform, like onPoint, ensures you can take full advantage of smart building technology.

onPoint is a cloud-based IBMP that uses advanced data analytics and machine learning capabilities to:

  • Detect real-time changes in building equipment and conditions
  • Identify actual and potential equipment faults before they cause major breakdowns or affect the plant environment.
  • Track energy use, forecast energy needs, and optimize overall efficiency
  • Recommends solutions for better control and maintenance of the plant environment 

With onPoint, you can create a truly smart cannabis operation and set the stage for growth long into the future.      

Interested in learning more about onPoint’s capabilities? Get the onPoint brochure to learn about the benefits and options for onPoint by clicking here.



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