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Key Benefits of Building Management System Remote Monitoring

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Technology has changed the way buildings function. From predictive heating and cooling to smart lighting, tech is making buildings more agile and responsive than ever before. But it’s also changing the way buildings are managed and maintained. Smart building technology and wireless connectivity mean you are no longer tethered to your properties. Building management system remote monitoring gives you more freedom and more control than ever before.

Building Management System Remote Monitoring Changes Everything

The proper functioning of buildings is critical for the safety and well-being of people and the success of business. But keeping everything on track can be challenging, especially when you’re managing a large portfolio. Are you able to reach the right location in a timely fashion if there’s a pressing issue? Is the right person on site if you can’t get there? If you’re not on site, will you even know there’s a problem?

With building management system remote monitoring, these questions largely become irrelevant. 

An integrated and automated building management system (BMS) driven by an intelligent building management platform (IBMP) continuously monitors building equipment and conditions. This means that your assets are constantly being assessed without the need for human intervention. In fact, an advanced building management platform offers incredible insight that goes far beyond the moment-to-moment system state. With machine learning-based fault detection and diagnostics, prioritized alarms, and data-driven insights, your IBMP can do more than is possible via traditional maintenance checks and manual intervention—and it does it whether you’re on site or not.

A cutting-edge IBMP makes building management system remote monitoring possible via a single-pane-of-glass interface. A facility operator can monitor building systems remotely across their entire portfolio so they don’t have to travel between properties, and time once dedicated to in-person system assessment is freed up for more important tasks. Maintenance teams can also be proactive instead of reactive, and preventative maintenance can be scheduled around business needs and availability. In short, it is a substantial change in perspective that brings extraordinary new possibilities.

The Benefits of Building Management System Remote Monitoring

check-mark-yellow-2Greater ability to evaluate maintenance needs in the context of the big picture

check-mark-yellow-2More effective resource allocation

check-mark-yellow-2More efficient than in-person monitoring

check-mark-yellow-2Faster troubleshooting

check-mark-yellow-2Lower costs

Remote Monitoring: A Use Case

Building management system remote monitoring can undoubtedly transform day-to-day operations, but it also gives you powerful new ways to handle unusual events.

In 2021, a winter storm overloaded Texas’ electrical grid and brought large portions of the state to a standstill. Savvy business owners and facility managers learned from this and invested in technologies to minimize damage in the future. 

This past February, those investments paid off. As winter storms hit Texas, Buildings IOT worked closely with the energy manager of a large chain of shopping centers to trim load and return to normal operations on a tight timeline. Using building management system remote monitoring, Buildings IOT and the customer were able to:

  • Adjust setpoints
  • Chart power consumption 
  • Establish patterns and see the consistent dips in power consumption
  • Find outliers that did not return to expected consumption after the storm passed and take immediate corrective action

As a result, the customer was able to reduce immediate costs and correct inefficiencies going forward. But reducing the load on the grid was about more than the customer alone. At a time of exceptional demand, it was the responsible thing to do for the community. In this way, the value of remote monitoring was felt far beyond an expense sheet. 

onPoint: A Smarter Remote Monitoring Solution

Building IOT’s industry-leading smart building solutions make building management system remote monitoring the best it can be. Our mobile-friendly IBMP, onPoint, gives you real-time insight and control from anywhere. With onPoint, you can fully harness the potential of data and gain powerful new capabilities to make buildings better, no matter where you are.

Buildings IOT offers the state-of-the-art services and products you need for building management system remote monitoring. Contact our team of experts to learn more about what we can do for you.



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