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Chicago's technology-first construction

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800 Fulton aims to become Chicago's most connected building focusing on smart building systems and construction.

The new 500,000 square foot Class A office building at 800 W. Fulton in Chicago rises high above the famed warehouse and meatpacking district, a glittering building that symbolizes the transformation of the West Loop. Not only is it a striking work of classic and modern architecture, but it is aiming to be one of Chicago's most connected buildings.


At 18 stories, 500,000 square feet of office space, and tons of amenities, 800 Fulton already had a lot going for it. But Thor Equities had ambitious goals to establish 800 Fulton as the beacon of technology-first buildings in Chicago. With that goal in mind, Thor Equities needed a comprehensive solution to integrate the myriad of cutting-edge technologies within the building so that they could work together to deliver the most intelligent building in Chicago's West Loop.

What Buildings IOT did

Thor Equities partnered with Buildings IOT's master systems integration (MSI) team early on in the construction process. Buildings IOT's early involvement ensured all of the systems that the developers intended to include could ultimately be integrated into a centralized building management platform. 

Buildings IOT guided Thor Equities in the process of selecting best-in-class equipment and controls to ensure the developer's vision of a truly smart building would become a reality. To bring it all together, Buildings IOT implemented onPoint, a smart building management platform and application that empowers building owners and operators to holistically analyze, control, manage, and report on building and equipment operations from a centralized platform. onPoint acts as the engine for continuous monitoring of system-wide data, including operational efficiency, energy savings, and building performance. This applies to everything from HVAC control and smart meters to indoor air quality.


By identifying the nuanced connections of the numerous systems throughout the building, Thor Equities can now leverage the comprehensive functionality of automated systems in relation to each other as a whole. Building operators can quickly resolve issues by identifying vulnerabilities as early as possible, sometimes even before they happen, and prioritize malfunctions to prevent potentially catastrophic equipment failure and compromised performance. This level of intelligence and integration helped 800 Fulton achieve the highest possible SmartScore certification - having been recognized as a SmartScore Platinum building shortly after delivery. 

Curious about the details? Read the full case study to get more information!

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