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Software company optimizes efficiency with building technology

Buildings IOT

Santa Clara, CA-based software company leverages smart building integration technology to solve operational inefficiencies.

Facility managers and executives at a major software company's California headquarters had inklings their four buildings in Santa Clara were not as efficient as they could be. There had been recurring comfort calls and a few energy audits that suggested it was time to take a deeper look into building equipment. 


The building team was aware the four-building-campus had different systems that were collecting data. They also recognized there was no clear or unified way to access this data as it existed. If they could bring all the data into one repository, they could analyze that data from a single user interface and keep on top of energy usage and maintenance with a more streamlined process.

What Buildings IOT did

The building team with the major software company partnered with Buildings IOT to integrate the different data streams into a single repository, upgrade and customize analytics, and serve that data through a comprehensive building management platform. In close collaboration with the company's staff, Buildings IOT worked to develop a solution that would improve occupant comfort, enable strategies for addressing deferred maintenance, and encourage proactive monitoring of all buildings systems.


Upon completion of the project, more than 35,000 data points across the four-building-campus were integrated to establish automatic trend data collection. Analytics with nearly 30 general, comfort, and energy-related rules identify operational deficiencies and enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

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