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Leading sustainability for tomorrow's generations

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Buildings IOT

Monash University scales up sustainability efforts across its Australian campuses.

For Monash University, sustainability leadership is a strategic priority. The Australian educator continues to invest in sustainable solutions across its four campuses.

With a focus on net-zero emissions, sustainable transportation, sustainable landscaping, ethical procurement, and building sustainability, the university is leading the charge in establishing environmental best practices.

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As part of its campus sustainability initiative, a major focus for Monash University centers around building sustainability. Aligning with its net-zero emissions objective, Monash's building sustainability program prepares its built environment for the move to 100 percent renewable energy. The program aims to revolutionize how the university designs, builds, and retrofits new and existing buildings to be cutting-edge spaces that deliver exceptional comfort and performance. This is no ordinary feat, as the university consists of more than 160 buildings serving diverse purposes across four separate campuses. 

What Buildings IOT did

With so many various buildings and systems across multiple campuses, one of the largest hurdles Monash faced was how to connect the contrasting data in a meaningful and useful way that enabled its teams to track, manage, and analyze building operations and performance. The solution would be a smart building integration platform, IOT Jetstream, that enabled data to be easily transformed into highly available, machine-readable information that can be utilized by both applications and analysts. By applying a standard data model, the integration platform also modeled relationships between devices and equipment to allow Monash to use the integrated data through connected smart building applications and intelligent energy management systems.


The smart building integration platform allows command and control capabilities through read/write access and is a critical component of Monash University's sustainability program to support net-zero emissions goals. it sets the foundation for university leaders to accurately track, manage, and analyze data from connected systems and build robust data-driven sustainability programs. Today, Monash leverages this along with other cutting-edge solutions to lead sustainability efforts not only in Australia but across the globe.

Curious about the details? Read the full case study to get more information!

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