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Annie Dehghani

Annie Dehghani, PE is a Senior Building Systems Application Engineer with Buildings IOT. Annie's expertise centers around building systems analytics including everything from initial data modeling to developing fault detection diagnostics and predictive maintenance algorithms. Her background in sustainable engineering design and consulting gives a unique window into what buildings look like and where they are going. She leads the Ontology Alignment Project (OAP) advisory board and is an active member of the building data modelling community.

5 Data Modeling Challenges in Smart Buildings and How to Solve Them

Image of Annie Dehghani
Annie Dehghani

Innovation in our daily lives has introduced us to the capabilities of technology. And for those of us working in the built environment, it has introduced a number of what-ifs about the capabilities of buildings. As we drive to work in our vehicle that brakes for us to avoid a collision, automatically adjusts the air conditioning to each driver’s preference, and automatically turns on the headlights when it’s raining, we begin to wonder how buildings can implement such intelligence to curb carbon emissions, improve occupant experience, and cut operational inefficiencies and costs. But buildings are complex, much more complex than a modern vehicle. Each one with thousands of data points on thousands of devices and equipment, all with their own technologies, vendors, building management system protocols, and networks.

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