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Command and control empowers operations to manage energy consumption

Image of Buildings IOT
Buildings IOT

Macerich creates an enterprise energy management solution with command and control capabilities and access for 18 shopping centers across the U.S.

Macerich is one of the nation's most successful owners, operators, and developers of major retail and mixed-use real estate. The incredibly vast portfolio of impressive properties exists among the most affluent and admirable markets in the U.S. To reach its growing energy and cost-saving goals, Macerich sought to build upon its unique Building Management System (BMS) called EMS. Since EMS' initial implementation over seven years ago, the shopping center operator has worked to transition to EMS 2.0.


Given the size of Macerich's real estate portfolio, the solution Macerich sought had to effectively integrate multiple systems without disrupting property operations. It had to provide a multitude of users and different groups access to their respective types of information. These challenges required careful planning and execution of time-specific and intensive deployment of technology to existing properties.

What Buildings IOT did

Buildings IOT tailored each deployment of EMS 2.0 to the individual building to ensure smooth implementation from beginning to end. It worked to design EMS 2.0 with ease of access for operations managers in mind. Buildings IOT also ensured seamless integration of the EMS 2.0 system with outside software such as Yardi and Okta, presenting a clean, user-friendly interface, and providing actionable controls to building equipment. 


EMS 2.0 has continuously adapted to provide command and control access, and collection and storage of all historical data for current and newly onboarded buildings. The platform gives role-based access to operations managers, property managers, maintenance contractors, and Macerich executives. It is specifically designed to meet the organization's operational and energy management needs.

Since deployment, Macerich has onboarded new sites and buildings yearly, totaling up to 18 sites completely integrated into EMS 2.0 since the last count. An incredible outcome of EMS 2.0 is the specificity of capabilities that it offers to individual buildings in Macerich's real estate portfolio. Operations managers can set up multiple, exact schedules for individual building equipment straight from the interface. The exactness of EMS 2.0 gives more control back to Macerich operators, decreasing energy costs and increasing efficiency. 

Macerich's implementation of EMS 2.0 ensures that its expanding portfolio of buildings is receiving the attention it needs to thrive, empowering energy efficiency efforts for the long haul.

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