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Buildings IOT is now a WiredScore Accredited Solution

Image of Laura Miller
Laura Miller

We've got some exciting news! Buildings IOT is now a WiredScore Accredited Solution. 

WiredScore Accredited Solutions are technology providers whose systems and solutions have been benchmarked against WiredScore's certification standards, empowering them to work with landlords globally. 

Having the stamp of approval from WiredScore shows that, as an onPoint customer, you can be assured that you are implementing and using technologies that are in line with modern-day smart building standards, and are benchmarked against SmartScore certification, the global standard for smart buildings.

"While our participation in the WiredScore Accredited Solutions program is certainly a notable achievement for us, the true benefit is to our customers. As an Accredited Solution, our customers can now receive world-class recognition for pioneering the future of buildings."

Gina Elliott, Chief Services Officer, Buildings IOT

onPoint provides a comprehensive and well-rounded platform and WiredScore confirms that our platform has the ability to deliver across key parts of the SmartScore framework. In particular, WiredScore affirms that onPoint supports the Health & Wellbeing, Individual & Collaborative Productivity, and Maintenance & Operations sections of the SmartScore framework.

onPoint's SmartScore Areas of Expertise include:

  • Healthy work environments for your occupants and tenants
  • Enhanced productivity through seamless building journeys
  • Improved maintenance and operations efficiencies

We look forward to helping our existing and future customers pursue SmartScore certification, and help them deliver their exceptional user experiences, drive cost efficiencies, meet high standards of sustainability, and become fully future-ready.

To find out more, please click on the button below to schedule a call with one of our Smart Building Experts.



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