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How to Improve Maintenance Work Order Management [+ On-Demand Webinar]

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As facility management evolves to address the complex needs of today’s modern facilities and occupants, facility managers are faced with a laundry list of responsibilities ranging from traditional maintenance to enhanced workplace operation. And because occupants are demanding an elevated experience from their built environment, operations teams must balance occupants expectations with critical facility management tasks. Fortunately, onPoint’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) connector helps to simplify maintenance tasks so that you can prioritize your day, eliminate wasteful tasks, and impact operational expenses.

What is onPoint?

onPoint is a comprehensive integrated building management platform (IBMP) that gives you a holistic view of your portfolio’s building operating systems. Beyond visualizing building operations, onPoint empowers you with a deep understanding of the performance of building assets through advanced, real-time, data-driven fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) Insights.

What makes onPoint unique is what it’s built on – the industry’s most advanced independent data layer (IDL) and integration platform that allows for bi-directional data flow. This enables smart building capabilities and seamless command and control of connected equipment, devices and applications.


What are onPoint Insights?

onPoint Insights are data-driven findings on actual asset performance. Insights leverage data from building automation systems and devices to identify failures and inefficiencies that would otherwise go undetected until critical operations are affected. 

However, Insights are not just fault detection. They’re advanced diagnostics that provide root cause analysis and pragmatic issue resolution by leveraging that data and coupling it with the ever-expanding domain expertise of Buildings IOT experts. In other words, Insights don’t just identify issues, they tell you how to solve them – and in some instances, can even solve them without the need for physical human interaction with the equipment.


How to Improve Maintenance Work Order Management with onPoint

The onPoint CMMS connector improves the work order process by supplementing work orders with the advanced, data-driven FDD Insights from onPoint. onPoint’s ability to detect issues and inefficiencies helps you uncover these issues and monitor the success of work order resolution. This can drive better compliance with service level agreements (SLAs), enhanced occupant comfort, improved occupant satisfaction, and reduced costs.

onPoint’s Overview Dashboard gives you an integrated view of equipment performance and work order data from the connected CMMS platform to help you easily monitor work orders, verify completion, and quickly address inefficiencies without navigating between platforms.

onPoint doesn’t just pull information from the CMMS platform. You can also send diagnostic intelligence from Insights to the CMMS platform to better inform field technicians of the root cause and empower a faster troubleshooting process. 

Additionally, prioritization and filtering of Insights based on priorities such as general maintenance, energy efficiency, occupant comfort, or indoor air quality help you effectively manage the influx of work orders without overwhelming maintenance technicians. These capabilities allow you and your team to easily gain valuable information and make better-informed maintenance decisions. 

Get started with onPoint

onPoint streamlines the fault detection, diagnostic, and resolution process of maintenance tasks by leveraging the best of both advanced FDD technology and CMMS work order solutions in a connected platform. By providing a single, integrated platform for virtually all of your facility maintenance needs, onPoint empowers today’s facility managers to spend less time on critical maintenance tasks to deliver value-added facility management services and elevate their competitive advantage. 

To learn how your facility management team can begin its journey with onPoint, schedule an introductory call with one of our Smart Building Experts today.


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