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Summer Energy Reduction Strategies for Energy Managers

Image of Natalie Patton
Natalie Patton

Ninety-degree days in October are becoming more commonplace (at least in California) though no less disheartening for fans of sweater weather and pumpkin-spiced lattes. 

Endless summer is also hard on energy management at shopping malls. Being a cool zone for a community that has been too hot for too long is an important part of a shopping mall's image. Also crucial to public perception and property value nowadays is a commitment to energy efficiency. What's an energy manager to do when those two things are at odds?

To those in charge of shopping mall portfolios: you're not the only ones pulling your hair out. We're living in a paradoxical time, where a changing climate creates the need to use both more and less energy-intensive equipment. We need more heating and cooling as temperatures stay extreme for longer. But we need less heating and cooling as we work to combat the underlying issues keeping temperatures at extremes.

There are lots of Building Energy Management strategies you can implement to balance out this uneven equation. The best ones come from a thorough examination of existing equipment at a given property and some concrete goals you'd like to accomplish. Here are just three different strategies you can use to jump start your own process: 

We've been integrating shopping malls and upgrading HVAC systems for over a decade. If you are interested in launching any of these strategies at your shopping mall, contact us today.


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