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New Partnership Delivers Healthy Buildings Amidst Public Health Crisis

Image of Natalie Patton
Natalie Patton

Today, Buildings IOT, the innovative technology-enabled smart building service provider, and BuiltSpace, the building data and asset tracking company, announce a partnership that makes it easier to track, monitor and control the building assets that impact health.

"COVID-19 has brought increased attention to the cleanliness of indoor spaces," says Brian Turner, CEO of Buildings IOT. "Everything from high-traffic surfaces to enclosed spaces, from air quality to ventilation requires brand new thinking. Building owners, operators and occupants now expect more of the built environment. With BuiltSpace and Buildings IOT, there is an affordable way to prove an indoor space is healthy."

BuiltSpace enables efficiencies by digitizing processes so that the data encapsulated in tasks like cleaning and maintaining equipment can be tracked and made available to various audiences. With the ability to see when a space was last cleaned, track when an air filter was last changed or monitor particulate matter in the air, people will feel safer going back inside.

"The foundation of a smart building is data," says Rick Rolston, CEO of BuiltSpace. "We've made it easy and affordable for buildings of any size to collect and organize data from individual facility assets and the activities of people. We believe that this information empowers building owners to optimize their operations while improving the health of their indoor spaces."

The partnership is already proving valuable for WeWork, which has applied more than 600 QR codes to equipment and spaces across their portfolio. Managed by the Buildings IOT Maintenance Services division, WeWork is optimizing its cleaning, equipment maintenance and air quality monitoring.

"The BuiltSpace lightweight asset management platform was easy to deploy with Buildings IOT," says Jamie Uhlir, Director of Operations for WeWork Mid-Atlantic region. "The solution is mobile-first, so our cleaning crews and maintenance teams were trained quickly. We started seeing useful data as soon as QR codes were adhered to surfaces and equipment."

About Buildings IOT
Buildings IOT simplifies smart buildings with a full suite of software, services and solutions for every aspect of building management. Command-and-control from a single pane of glass, analytics enhanced by machine learning and a building-domain centric data management platform, Buildings IOT delivers smart buildings that live up to the hype. We also design and install building controls and automation systems, offer IT managed services and device testing for cybersecurity vulnerabilities and provide data-driven maintenance to some of the world's largest building portfolios.

About BuiltSpace
BuiltSpace lays the groundwork for smart buildings with a QR Code activated application that collects data at the point of service. The BuiltSpace platform enables proactive process management across the complex ecosystem of manufacturers, service suppliers, and facility operators. QR Codes placed on individual assets or at specific locations offer a user-friendly way to share real-time process instructions and ensure that tasks are completed satisfactorily. Our goal is to improve energy efficiency, reduce administrative and service costs to building owners, managers, tenants, and service personnel.


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