Value Added Reseller Program

Join the Buildings IOT Value Added Reseller (VAR) Program and quickly expand your offerings and improve long-term customer relationships without any upfront investment.

Competitive advantage without the overhead

The Value Added Reseller (VAR) Program arms forward-thinking companies with industry-leading smart building solutions and technology to help position them for success in the rapidly evolving commercial real estate industry.

From integrating systems beyond HVAC to pulling information from cloud-hosted APIs, the demand for building data to add value across real estate portfolios will only increase in the coming years. Buildings IOT's VAR Partners are at the forefront of this smart building transformation. They are leveraging best-in-class smart building solutions and technologies that continue to thrive in the competitive Proptech landscape. Supported by Buildings IOT's industry-leading technologies, our VAR Partners continuously deliver better, more agile offerings than the competition.

VAR Advantage

Value Added Reseller Solutions

Buildings IOT VAR Partners elevate their product offerings and solutions with agile and flexible technologies and services. These range from the industry's most intelligent smart building integration platform with cutting-edge command and control functionality to boundary-pushing digital services that transform insights into results.

IOT Jetstream

IOT Jetstream positions VAR Partners with a competitive advantage by solving building data discrepancies across proprietary systems with a comprehensive data model and self-documenting API. It provides the foundation for full command and control of building systems with read and write capabilities to empower integration, analysis, and value generation of building data.


IonPoint provides VAR Partners with the ability to solve their customer’s demands for better oversight, management, and standardization of portfolio-level building operations. Its intuitive and comprehensive user interface helps customers resolve issues in a cost-effective manner, manage operating costs without compromising health and comfort, and address heightened ESG objectives.

Digital Services

Buildings IOT Digital Services provide VAR Partners the ability to add value to their offerings through active monitoring of the performance of onPoint connected equipment from experienced analysts and engineers. VARS who provide Digital Services reduce the burden of building operations and maintenance for customers. Digital Services provides triage and root cause analysis that streamlines resolution and optimizes operating expenses. Current in beta, officially coming soon!

Who is the program for?

The Value Added Reseller Program is designed for forward-thinking companies that want to provide industy-leading smart building solutions leveraging the best technology and expertise. the VAR Program is a good fit if your business:


Designs, engineers, installs, commissions, or maintains building systems for the commercial real estate industry.


Provides consultation to commercial real estate developers on smart building design, capabilities, and best practices.


Specializes in bringing together disparate building systems to break down data silos and solve for building automation challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know choosing the right partners is an important decision for your business and asking questions is only the start of the conversation. Here are some commonly asked questions we get from VARs before joining the program.

What advantages do Buildings IOT VARs gain through this program?

The Buildings IOT VAR Program provides several distinct advantages to our VAR Partners. The VAR Program helps you create expansion opportunities within your existing portfolios quickly. It also helps you deploy solutions faster to get better solutions in the hands of your customers when they need them. Buildings IOT VAR Partners are also more agile, more competitive, and more abreast to industry best-practices.

What products and services are we reselling?

Our VAR Partners are able to provide cutting-edge smart building solutions and technologies through Buildings IOT reseller agreements. These agreements allow partners to sell our industry-leading smart building integration platform and user experience application, onPoint; our smart building integration platform and middleware, IOT Jetstream; and our distinctive triage, onboarding, service orchestration, and monitoring services through Digital Services.

How long does the onboarding of new VAR Partners take and what is involved?

Our onboarding process can take as little as two weeks and includes a thorough analysis of your current situation including an evaluation of your digital readiness. Our onboarding works to establish a governance cadence, and arms you with training, guidelines, and sales and marketing support to ensure your success.

Become a Value Added Reseller Partner

Ready to pioneer a world where the capabilities of smart buildings surpass expectations? Join us as a VAR Partner to find out just how much we can accomplish together.