Service Provider Partner Program

Join the Buildings IOT Service Provider Partner Program and gain access to smart building solutions that help create value.

Expand your service capabilities

Deepen your service capabilities while optimizing resources and taking control of operating expenses. Gain access to smart building services and technologies that uncover value from your service contracts with comprehensive data analytics and insights, process-based workflows, and digital services to support augmented facility management solutions.

Our Service Provider Partners identify problems faster, track resolutions better, more thoroughly validate fixes, and more easily communicate progress with stakeholders. Together, these advantages lead to both reduce truck rolls and improved customer satisfaction.

Service Provider Advantage

Service Provider Solutions

Augment your product offerings and services with agile and flexible digital solutions. Leverage the most intelligent smart building integration platform to build command and control functionality into service applications and technologies. Improve the customer's experience with a comprehensive and intuitive user interface and smart building management platform. Or, transform insights into tangible results with boundary-pushing digital services.

IOT Jetstream

IOT Jetstream positions Service Providers with a competitive advantage by solving building data discrepancies across proprietary systems with a comprehensive data model and self-documenting API. It provides the foundation for full command and control of building systems with read and write capabilities to empower integration, analysis, and value generation of building data.


onPoint provides Service Providers with the ability to solve today’s demands for better oversight, management, and standardization of portfolio-level building operations. Its intuitive and comprehensive user interface helps service providers resolve issues in a cost-effective manner, manage operating costs without compromising health and comfort, and address heightened ESG objectives.

Digital Services

Buildings IOT Digital Services provide Service Providers the ability to add value to their offerings through active monitoring of the performance of onPoint connected equipment from experienced analysts and engineers. Service Providers who provide Digital Services reduce the burden of building operations and maintenance across their entire portfolio. Digital Services provides triage and root cause analysis that streamlines resolution and optimizes operating expenses. In beta, coming soon!

Who is the program for?

The Service Provider Partner Program is designed for forward-thinking companies in the real estate industry that want to provide industry-leading smart building solutions leveraging the best technology and expertise. The Service Provider Partner Program is a good fit if your business:


Manages the operations of a local, regional, national, or international portfolio of commercial real estate properties.


Oversees maintenance and service of building system equipment across several locations and facilities. 

Join the Service Provider Partner Program

Ready to pioneer a world where the capabilities of smart buildings surpass expectations? Join us as a Service Provider Partner to see just how much we can accomplish together.