Building Analytics for System Integrators


Data for the win

It's likely that your customers are asking for a smart building platform. If you're swamped with the services you already provide and if you don't have anyone on staff who's a natural with data, it may seem difficult to add integrated building management platform capabilities.

The good news is, your customers trust you enough to ask for your support on their smart building endeavors. The better news is, onPoint and IOT Jetstream can help you add platform services without adding overhead.

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How partnering to deploy integrated analytics can benefit your system integrations:



Data without development

With onPoint and IOT Jetstream running on top of the controls systems you integrate, we manage the data relationships while you manage the customer relationships. You get access to our fully engineered analytics and integration platform without having to hire a single computer programmer or building scientist.


Pre-commissioning for post-project success

onPoint's rule-based analytics can show value with one week's worth of data. Turn it on in a newly installed controls system and watch the reports and alarms roll in. With this level of pre-commissioning, you can make tweaks and adjustments to your controls system before turning it over to your client, increasing your success rates and customer satisfaction.


Looking to the long term

Adding analytics and system integration capabilities to your BMS and controls services will keep you engaged with clients beyond installs and commissioning. The analytics are always on and the integrations are always kept up to date, so you're able to continue providing value through the lifespan of the system you've installed.


Flexibility to scale

onPoint and IOT Jetstream are flexible platforms so you can start with a single building as a pilot project and scale to your whole project portfolio, or not, over time, without having to invest in additional infrastructure or human capital.

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