Building Analytics for Specifying Engineers


Why you should spec analytics

Your clients count on you to specify systems that will accomplish a long list of goals. Increasingly, energy efficiency and operational longevity are at the top of those lists.

You need a team of building scientists and an analytics engine you can count on to continuously deliver results once the spec leaves your desk.

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How partnering to deploy analytics can benefit your specifications:



Analytics plug right in

With the right design, an analytics engine can plug directly into a building management system. With onPoint, when you're called back to the same building to find opportunities for energy efficiency, you'll be able to show energy savings quickly.


Advanced offerings

Analytics, IoT, secure connectivity and cloud hosting are more than just trending topics. They're opening up new areas of optimization for building owners which means energy savings or new forms of revenue. Getting ahead of the conversation with clients can position you as an expert and help land the job.



onPoint includes training on the latest analytics technologies so your team can get up to speed on analytics programming and how to optimize a control system for analytics. 

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