Building Analytics for Building Owners


Why you need data

You've invested in the building controls, but now you need to make sure they keep working as designed so your tenants stay comfortable and your leases remain profitable.

You need data. But not just more of it. You need better data to make informed decisions that get your facilities team or contractors to take action, protecting the longevity of your assets.

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How partnering to deploy analytics can benefit your buildings:



onPoint sifts through the data for you

onPoint is constantly reading and tracking your building data to report on performance, but it doesn't just spit all that data back at you in a raw format. onPoint's machine learning algorithms determine what you need to know, and they tell it to you in clear, action-focused messages.


Visual and historic data

With all that data collection, onPoint tracks and visualizes near-real-time and historic data so that you can monitor trends in energy usage from the ground floor to the rooftop, anytime and without having to become a data scientist.


Demand response made possible

With onPoint, demand response programs become possible because our AI is constantly learning how your equipment performs regularly and in abnormal situations. So when your utility company institutes demand pricing, your systems can be ready to flex its demand response muscles.


Data scientists without the overhead

onPoint gives you access to our team of building scientists who have experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, building controls and integration, data science and computer programming. That know-how goes directly into onPoint and all feature releases, plus consultations are included with certain packages.

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