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Building systems are becoming more advanced and more connected than ever before. That means more possibilities for improving efficiency, enhancing operations, and creating better occupant experiences. It also means increased reliance on IT teams with specialized knowledge.

That’s where Buildings IOT comes in. With industry-leading expertise in building data and systems integration, we provide secure, forward-thinking building IoT solutions and ongoing support for smart buildings.

We’re not just a vendor. We’re a partner committed to your success.

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Comprehensive Support for Smart Buildings

We want to help make sure nothing goes wrong. By instituting smart preventative maintenance, we can reduce incidences while our off-or-on-site support teams can fix any issues that arise.


Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance teams are generally dispatched to building sites to change filters, tune equipment, and perform routine maintenance on mechanical systems. Traditionally, this has been time interval-based. If you’re lucky, maintenance teams detect and correct any issues during their routine inspections. But if something is missed or goes wrong outside of the schedule, small malfunctions can quickly turn into catastrophic failures and costly fixes.

Buildings IOT takes a proactive, data-driven approach to maintenance. This means:

  • Intelligent analytics software continuously monitors equipment.
  • Advanced AI algorithms identify or even predict anomalies.
  • Alerts are sent to relevant stakeholders, automatic adjustments are made, or manual intervention can be recommended.

With this approach, you can save money and prevent disasters.


Help Desk

Buildings IOT offers on-call Help Desk services for IT and OT issues.

Think of the Help Desk as the triage team. You know there is an issue in your building, but the complexity of modern smart buildings means it can be difficult to target the root cause. Our Help Desk team has the expertise to quickly identify the source and a solution.

The Buildings IOT team includes Niagara experts with mechanical and controls experience as well as IT network engineers who provide desktop and server support. With their knowledge, you can optimize the performance of smart building IoT solutions and maximize your ROI.


Onsite Services

Buildings IOT can dedicate an employee or a team to work full-time or part-time at customer sites. These teams offer their services for specific time periods to perform specific duties which means you don’t need to hire and train someone for every new project or keep in-house staff for temporary or occasional work. Instead, you can depend on a team that knows your building inside and out when and where you need it.

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Buildings IOT: Solutions for the Long Term

Modern building systems are complicated. Our teams are here to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment.


Training: Custom Options for Diverse Needs

Training should never come out of a box. It should be targeted to your specific needs and your unique technologies. That’s why we offer multiple levels of training depending on your building and your goals.

  • For BSC and MSI customers: Buildings IOT hosts training sessions at project turnover and supplies O&M manuals that building staff and contractors can refer to on an ongoing basis.
  • For onPoint and IOT Jetstream customers: Training starts at the point of commissioning to ensure the building team understands how the system functions from the very beginning.

Training doesn’t stop there. Our commitment to you continues throughout the operation of the building. Your dedicated Customer Success team will meet with your building team to understand your evolving objectives, guide you through platform updates, and help you get to where you want to be.


Support: Go Beyond the Norm

Many MSI and BSC projects offer a one-year warranty. Buildings IOT offers more.

Our subscription products include ongoing platform support with a built-in ticketing system that allows users to report issues directly to their Customer Success team. Customers who have a Building Systems Services package on top of their integration or subscription package also get a dedicated Building Systems Services team that brings support to the next level. This team:

  • Is committed to your building and understands all its ins and outs.
  • Continuously reviews the insights and alarms generated by your building systems.
  • Offers site visits or dispatches a local expert who can fix problems quickly and to the highest standards.

With Buildings IOT solutions, support is there throughout the life of the contract and beyond.

You have targets to hit and problems to avoid. Our teams are dedicated to bridging any gaps in operation to resolve issues—and prevent them from happening in the first place. Let’s talk about how we can be part of your operations to help your building perform at its best.