Healthy buildings


Healthy operations from top to bottom

Buildings IOT, together with BuiltSpace, enables owners to provide healthy buildings for tenants and occupants by making it easy to track, monitor and control the building assets that impact well-being. 

With real-time visibility into cleaning and sanitation, BuiltSpace and Buildings IOT are helping people feel safer returning to indoor spaces for work, school and leisure. 

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Easy cleaning and maintenance tracking for healthier buildings

Building occupants are expecting more of the built environment than ever before.
With BuiltSpace and Buildings IOT, building owners have an affordable way to
prove they are providing healthy indoor spaces.




A healthy building starts with clean surfaces.
QR codes in high-touch areas make it easy to record cleaning frequency, verify work with pictures and give occupants visibility into the process.



Air circulation and proper ventilation configurations are crucial for keeping indoor air healthy. Indoor air quality sensors, coupled with visualizations and reports give tenants insight into building health.



As a lightweight asset management platform, BuiltSpace enables you to keep equipment operating at peak performance, without hefty investment in controls or automation.

How it works

When you want to track cleaning tasks or equipment assets, order BuiltSpace QR codes from Buildings IOT and stick them on the surfaces you want to track. Coach your cleaning crews or system maintenance teams to scan the QR codes when they finish cleaning or checking equipment operation.

Data from their work will be automatically uploaded for tracking in the BuiltSpace mobile-first system where you can make it available to all audiences who would like to track that information - from tenants in office buildings to parents of children attending in-person classrooms.


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