Building Automation Systems Contractor


Building automation systems installation

We program, install and integrate intelligent building automation systems for retrofit projects and new constructions. We work from decades of experience with HVAC, lighting and power metering to deliver reliable on-premise building management systems. 

Our full building automation systems expertise includes: HVAC, energy meters, lighting, access control, security and surveillance, controllers and network supervisors and temperature controls.


From plan and spec to design and build, Buildings IOT is with you every step of the way.




We design our systems with the right equipment for each job and prefer open protocols to brand names or proprietary solutions.



Our expert field technicians are deployed across the country and consistently praised for their attention to detail and professionalism on site.

Physical security and access control

As building experts, we're able to move quickly to test and adapt the latest technologies for building automation and control. Nothing is more important now than that ability to be agile in times of change. 

For access control and physical security, we're using Open Path for touchless, cloud-based solutions in real buildings.


HVAC controls were fully tested in under 8 hours and only had two issues, one of which was corrected and closed at that time. This was the least amount of issues I've ever seen for HVAC controls. Almost everything was working as expected and the graphics exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with OTI's accuracy and attention to detail and will use them as a litmus test to compare future BAS contractors.

Jeff Mikkelsen
Commissioning agent for Enovity

We started working with Buildings IOT on the Chevron HQ in San Ramon for a direct digital controls (DDC) project and quickly brought the team back for a second DDC project on the same campus. The Buildings IOT team is knowledgeable on both legacy systems and new advanced technologies and we plan to continue working with them.

Steve Blankinship
Project Manager for Overaa Construction

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