Sports Facility & Event Venue Management Software


For a basketball team, the key to winning lies in teamwork. Each individual becomes part of an integrated whole. In many ways, this is also the key to success in facilities management.

As a facilities manager, you need your individual building systems connected in a way that allows you to optimize overall operations. For sports facilities and event venues, this means integrating a complex network of equipment with cutting-edge venue management software to meet your performance goals.

The Value of Master Systems Integration for Sports Venues and Event Venues

Legendary coach Tom Landry once said, "Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan."

Strategic planning is essential for unifying building systems and deploying analytics-driven event and sports facility management software. With complex buildings and diverse stakeholders, working with a master systems integrator (MSI) is an invaluable part of this process. An expert partner can develop leading-edge software solutions for seamless systems communication and end-to-end integration to help you achieve your goals.

Critical systems include:




Advanced indoor air quality (IAQ) systems


Mechanical equipment




Occupancy sensors


Smart restroom sensors


Apps for tenants and visitors

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Analytics-Driven Sports Facility and Event Venue Management Software

Sports venues and event venues have a lot of moving parts, and a standard BMS does not offer the insight and capabilities you need to take full advantage of integrated systems. For that, you need analytics.

When paired with an integrated platform, analytics systems collect, organize, and analyze data generated by equipment, sensors, and devices throughout your venue. This provides a single-pane-of-glass dashboard that offers deep visibility into your operations and actionable insights that can guide day-to-day management and maintenance. It also provides opportunities for greater automation, transforming the way your building functions.

A state-of-the-art analytics platform with machine learning capabilities can automate core building operations to optimize efficiency and performance. By continuously mining historical data and monitoring current conditions, automatic adjustments can be made to critical equipment according to an extensive range of variables, including occupancy, season, time of day, air quality, and temperature. Your integration partner can help to identify potential areas of automation and write custom rules that take into account stakeholder goals.

Benefits of Integrating Advanced Analytics

Integrating advanced analytics can offer many benefits:



A leading-edge platform like onPoint Analytics keeps key stakeholders abreast of system-wide data with a mobile-first interface and real-time mobile updates. Users can navigate a facilities management dashboard from the device of their choice for remote control.


Real-time Alerts

Users receive real-time alerts and customized, up-to-date data for all of your sports facility and event management systems.


Robust Reporting

A platform with custom reporting capabilities allows stakeholders to collect and understand essential data, evaluate optimization opportunities, and easily track KPIs.


Improved Maintenance

One of the most significant benefits of intelligent analytics is its impact on maintenance. Advanced fault detection and diagnostics can identify anomalies as soon as they occur, provide prioritized alarms, and trigger automatic adjustments to setpoints. When manual intervention is needed, a cutting-edge platform can offer recommendations for pragmatic solutions to ensure rapid troubleshooting.

However, analytics isn’t just valuable when things go wrong; it can also guide routine maintenance. onPoint’s centralized dashboard enables the automatic or manual tracking, approval, and dismissal of requests to streamline operations and improve efficiency.


Tenant Management and Billing

Stadiums and event venues may not have tenants in the traditional sense, but they do have people to whom they lease space. onPoint allows you to track energy usage by user and bill energy out accordingly, increasing transparency and ensuring you recoup costs.


Comfort and Safety

An advanced analytics platform provides up-to-the-minute data that operators can use to proactively regulate HVAC systems and monitor air filtration according to industry standards and guest needs.



Sustainability attracts new tenants to your stadium or venue. When you take meaningful steps to improve energy efficiency and can offer objective data supporting your efforts, you are more likely to attract high-value tenants, guests, and employees.

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A Winning Team

There’s a game to be played in sports facilities and event venue management. With the right system architecture and venue management software, it can be won.

A secure, analytics-driven facility management software platform is instrumental in improving efficiency, reducing costs, and providing outstanding tenant and visitor experiences. An MSI with deep domain expertise can create a comprehensive solution that allows you to realize these goals and revolutionize your facility management.

When you’re in it to win it as a facility manager, venue owner, or stadium operations executive, you need the best tools and strategies. By teaming up with Buildings IoT, you can stay at the top of your game.


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