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Today, the needs within commercial buildings are more complex than ever before. From reducing energy use to improving operational efficiency to meeting occupant standards for comfort and safety, stakeholders at every level are deeply invested in how buildings function both on a day-to-day basis and over the long term. The emergence of sophisticated technologies present new opportunities to optimize performance, but realizing the benefits of these developments depends on thoughtful integration and requires high-level expertise.

Buildings IOT has that expertise. As leading integrators in the field, we use our deep domain knowledge and technical skill to deliver unified building management platforms that transform the way buildings perform. By drawing on our strategic vision and on-the-ground experience, we offer innovative solutions that allow all stakeholders to achieve their goals.

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Building a Better Building Management Platform

Modern buildings generate vast amounts of data from intricate networks of equipment,
IoT devices, and system-specific controllers. A state-of-the-art building management platform
can transform that data into actionable insights, opening up new possibilities
for automation and improved efficiency.


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In the past decade, Buildings IOT has built, deployed, and iterated integrated building management platforms in over 500 buildings across North America and Australia. With in-house master systems integration (MSI) services and software development led by controls experts, our specialized teams collaborate with customers to architect cutting-edge systems using the best technologies for each project. This includes overlaying a 3-layer technology stack onto each building’s network architecture. An overview of our standard enterprise architecture and data flow, with examples for integrated systems, is included below.


Layer 1: Building systems, Data Collection, and Model Development

The first layer includes building systems that don’t talk to each other directly but can become data sources or assets the layer 2 can monitor and control. These systems are integrated with the primary operational technology (OT) systems using open protocols via the Niagara N4 framework, which normalizes, gathers histories, and tags data, preparing it for the Layer 2 infrastructure.

Layer 2: Data Transformation and Model Development

Layer 2 is comprised of:

  • Data Transformation. The middleware layer defines the data relationships, manages workflows and houses the domain-specific API.
  • IOT Jetstream. Jetstream is a cloud-based integration platform that serves as the core of the building management platform—it’s the “brain” that reads the data and manages relationships between systems. Data flows both into and out of building systems with a taxonomy and tagging infrastructure that ensures a common data model. A unified, domain-driven API is used for data exchange with other systems and ensures integrations are standardized, reliable, and secure across all stages of integration.
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Layer 3 - onPoint and 3rd Party Cloud Applications

The data produced by building systems is vast, but without high-quality visualizations, even normalized and organized data can obfuscate more than it reveals due to sheer volume. Layer 3 uses advanced technologies that allow prioritized data to become visible, meaningful, and actionable:

  • onPoint Analytics. This intelligent analytics platform reads data from Layer 2 and offers highly visual front-end management dashboards. User-friendly visualizations, including dynamic, color-coded floor plans, and customized reporting offer deep insight into what is happening inside each building. onPoint also provides advanced fault detection and diagnostics with prioritized alarms based on customizable point-level rules, full command and control capabilities, and robust user management for robust security.
  • Third-party applications. Similar to the way IOT Jetstream reads, normalizes and transforms data from building systems, it can also connect with third-party cloud applications to enable onPoint to present and analyze their data through the front-end user interface, allowing for comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of each building.
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Creating Smart Solutions

An integrated building management platform gives you the tools you need to realize the potential of smart building technologies. Our innovative approach leverages a powerful and flexible three-layer architecture and incorporates best-in-class software to create solutions that support our customers’ complex goals, whether that means optimizing energy efficiency, streamlining operations, or creating better occupant experiences—or all of the above.

Buildings IOT offers integrated building management platforms
designed to meet your needs.

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