Intelligent Building Solutions


Commercial and public buildings are being reimagined across the globe with an emphasis on health, safety, and energy efficiency. Today, technology is playing a critical role in creating dynamic smart buildings that streamline maintenance, offer better experiences for occupants, and improve ROI.

Intelligent building solutions integrate smart technologies to transform how a building performs. Buildings IOT provides end-to-end smart solutions, from smart building consulting to controls contracting, master systems integration, integration platforms, command and control user interface, and digital engineering services.

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Why You Need Intelligent Building Solutions

Intelligent building solutions eliminate energy waste and optimize efficiency to create greener, healthier, and more cost-efficient properties.

At Buildings IOT, we believe the commercial real estate industry needs intelligent building solutions to:


Connect Building Systems

The best intelligent building solutions rely on open communication protocols to ensure seamless data flow and interoperability, allowing you to harness the full potential of building data.


Gain Insight

Intelligent building solutions provide intuitive tools with easy-to-use interfaces to give stakeholders real-time insight into building conditions and performance.


Realize Cost Savings and Sustainability Goals

Intelligent building solutions reduce operational costs and help you achieve your sustainability goals.


Maximize Revenue

Smart buildings are more attractive to tenants, command higher lease prices, and increase sale prices.

Buildings IOT designs and deploys successful intelligent building solutions that go beyond the four physical walls to create buildings for the future.

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Industry-leading Solutions for Smart Buildings

Whether you’re creating an intelligent building from the ground up or upgrading an existing real estate portfolio, you need reliable and scalable solutions to digitize the built environment. With our full-service intelligent building solutions ranging from an advanced smart building management platform, cloud-based integration for digital readiness, and expert master systems integration (MSI) services, Buildings IOT offers end-to-end solutions for your smart building ecosystem.

IOT Jetstream


IOT Jetstream is an innovative cloud-based integration platform that acts as the brain of an intelligent building solution and allows you to easily integrate cloud and on-premises systems, equipment, and applications through a single API and unifying data model. IOT Jetstream supports your digital readiness and enables:


Data Flow:
With a single API interface, IOT Jetstream achieves ongoing integration flows between disparate IoT devices, systems, and cloud applications.


IOT Jetstream removes the complexity of configuring multiple third-party systems into a building’s interconnected network.


By defining and managing relationships among data sets, IOT Jetstream accomplishes meaningful integrations.


Data modeling:
IOT Jetstream leverages the Ontology Alignment Project (OAP) to establish data normalization and standardization that enables integration from diverse systems.

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onPoint is a cloud-based smart building management platform user interface that provides a holistic view of your intelligent building solutions across your entire portfolio. This comprehensive platform offers:


Command and Control:
onPoint integrates data from an interconnected network of IoT sensors and devices and enables remote command and control over all building equipment via a single user interface.


Fault Detection and Diagnostics:
onPoint uses machine learning algorithms and complex rules to support predictive maintenance and identify potential problems as early as possible.


Insights and Reports:
By continuously analyzing real-time and historical data through dynamic, multi-layered analytics, onPoint identifies the root cause of problems and areas of improvement. It doesn’t just tell you what’s wrong; it gives you a roadmap for making buildings better.


Building Data Monitoring:
onPoint continuously monitors data from your smart building systems to help you leverage this data through machine learning to optimize operational efficiencies across your portfolio.

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Master Systems Integrator (MSI)

Buildings IOT’s MSI team specializes in open protocols and vendor agnostic standards to create flexible, future-proof, and scalable intelligent building solutions with powerful capabilities. We work with you to understand your needs and offer expert guidance to help you achieve your goals. Our services include:


Connecting Building Systems:
By connecting multiple building systems, we enable data flow, storage, and intelligent building management.


Controlling Building Systems:
A data-driven approach helps long-term management, monitoring, and maintenance of all building systems.


Navigating Changes:
Whether you are drawing up building plans or scaling up building operations, we help you navigate the changes and create pragmatic solutions.

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With Buildings IOT, your building can truly become intelligent. Buildings IOT offers industry-leading intelligent building solutions that help you get the most out of your property.