Fulfill building energy management goals at scale with onPoint.

Analyze, monitor, and control building systems and equipment across your entire portfolio and support a robust building energy management program with onPoint.

Watch our demo to see how onPoint helps you:

  • Detect, diagnose, and resolve energy inefficiency issues
  • Resolve connected setpoint issues to quickly reduce inefficiencies
  • Track and monitor service call resolution with work requests and insights
  • Leverage predictive maintenance to optimize energy efficiency
  • Identify unknown energy inefficiencies and take action


Find the perfect solution for your energy and sustainability goals, no matter your portfolio's size, industry, or needs.

Smarter and faster energy efficiency

  • Access your entire portfolio from one application
  • Easily navigate to what's important to your program
  • Visualize top priorities and insights to resolve your most pressing issues

Holistic energy management

  • Uncover energy inefficiencies at scale
  • Directly resolve connected setpoint issues 
  • Track and monitor work requests and problem resolutions

Predict and prevent energy inefficiencies

  • Leverage machine learning to stay ahead of energy inefficiencies
  • Go beyond FDD to save time, prioritize maintenance, and reduce costs
  • Optimize energy programs to resolve issues before they happen

Dedicated support

  • Access onPoint's robust Knowledge Base to stay informed
  • Get the most out of onPoint with support from a dedicated onboarding team

Join the growing number of companies championing energy and sustainability efforts with onPoint.