Project Director -
National Accounts

Project Director - National Accounts

The Project Director is responsible for overall management of multiple projects including liaising with the project team, coordinating, and leading partners, supervising members of the project team, and overseeing project implementation, financial and administrative oversight, reporting, and monitoring and evaluation of the project. 

  • Acts as the primary project contact person and liaison, ensuring the project is represented in national technical, policy, and planning with key stakeholders. 
  • Coordinates organizational relationship with customers related to monitoring and evaluation, providing support in facilitating technical collaboration and coordination activities with stakeholders. 
  • Works closely with the project team to ensure compliance with programmatic targets and deliverables. 

This individual will be remote within the United States.

Supervisory Responsibilities

This position is directly responsible for leading project managers of the division and indirectly responsible for all employees within the division. 


This unique role requires an in-depth understanding of operations and product as well as the technical side of service management. It demands senior level leadership, years of experience, and technical knowledge. This foundation is needed in order to easily navigate both product-side and operational decisions. Each process decision has service as its foundation. 

  • Provides strategic leadership and technical, operational, financial, and managerial leadership for successful implementation of project activities. 
  • Ensures that the architecture is technically sound, evidence-based, and consistent with project priorities.  
  • Provides oversight of project implementation including all activities, outputs, and outcomes related to project management and administration, including reporting, budget development and monitoring, financial transactions, execution of project plans, and project performance.  
  • Oversees the selection and training of qualified project staff, assigning clear roles and responsibilities, providing effective supervision, and managing performance to ensure efficient operations.  
  • Ensures the project produces the specified results in the annual workplan(s) to the required standard of quality and within the timeline and budget parameters.  
  • Oversees budget pipeline development and budget monitoring.  
  • Conducts monthly reviews to ensure accountability of all project activities as well as the accurate and timely reporting of financial deliverables and obligations. 
  • Ensures that the project progresses in accordance with its contractual obligations and complies with donor regulations and internal organizational policies. 

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Software Engineering preferred 
  • Experience managing, designing, implementing, and evaluating $15M book of projects.  
  • Technical/clinical expertise and/or program management skills HVAC Controls, metering, lighting, and other building related systems 
  • Demonstrated diplomatic, management, and communication skills to liaise and advocate with clients, thought leaders, and other key stakeholders including other implementing projects.  
  • Proven ability to write technical reports and program documents and deliver presentations.  
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and the ability to communicate cross-culturally.  
  • Ability to work unpredictable hours, including some evenings and weekends. 
  • Positive outlook in meeting challenges and working to an elevated level. 
  • Advanced understanding of business analysis techniques and processes 

Pay and Benefits 

Buildings IOT is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The successful candidate will receive a competitive salary depending on qualifications. The overall benefits package includes paid vacation, medical, vision, and dental insurance.

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